B. Sodding Tools

This is a list of the recommended sodding tools required to prepare and sod your yard. You probably have some tools in you garage or shed already. 

These are just the hand tools. Excavation or grading equipment will be discussed in our Grading section.

Always protect yourself with the basics before you start. Gloves (high dexterity gloves are best), safety glasses, steel toe boots, knee pads, and long pants.

Longs sleeve shirts are recommended when carrying sod as well.

  • Beer - This is used to bribe family, friends and neighbors into helping you.
  • Caution tape or ribbon - This is to keep people, and kids away from your construction site.
  • Fertilizer spreader - You will be putting down some starter fertilizer.
  • Laser level, transit, or string level and string - If your drainage is not obvious, you will need to stake your yard to grade it properly.
  • Pick-axe - These are always handy to have in a rocky yard if you are doing any hand digging.
  • Rakes - A good bow rake and a landscape rake. (Extra ones for helpful neighbours.)
  • Roller barrel - This is for rolling over the loam and sod.
  • Sharp knives - For cutting sod, fabric and edging. (A good supply of blades.)
  • Shovels - Try to have a few. A square shovel and a good digging spade.
  • Stakes - 10 or so should be enough (3 ft high is plenty) used for staking yards that need to be graded with levels.
  • Wheelbarrow - If you have one, great. If not get a good one with a rubber tub, and a good rubber inflatable tire (it's worth the money over a cheap one).

This is a do-it-yourselfer list and this should give you the basics to get the job done without investing a lot of money.

Time for selecting and estimating materials for your sodding project...


Table of Contents: Sodding a Lawn

Introduction: Sodding a Lawn

A. Sod Site

B. Sodding Tools

C. Selecting and Estimating Sodding Materials

D. Grading for Sod

E. Laying Sod

F. Sodding Completion and Clean-up


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