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At Dream-yard, we have received a lot of direct landscaping questions since we began. Until now, the answers have only been available to those that have asked the question. After looking at so many of these great questions, we realized that there was value in making the answers available to everyone.

We decided we needed a more formal and interactive option for our visitors to connect them to the information they need.

We now have one more great resource that will help do-it-yourselfers to successfully complete their projects. We want you to achieve the landscaping results that inspired you to take on your project in the first place. 

For those of you that have a talent for landscaping, you will be able to help others with their projects.

You can use the comment field on the question page to contribute your landscaping answers.

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What other Dream Yard visitors have asked

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Landscaping 101 
I had curbing put in around my stone gardens. So now I have cement, grass and then my rocks. Do I have to dig out all of the grass or can I cover it with …

Landscaping a sloped hill inside the courtyard but what about outside the fence? 
My unit is HOA wit 6' high fence restrictions. My courtyard is sloped on one side. If I add soil to keep the fence even at the top and bottom and to afford …

low maintenance fence line 
I'm looking for a low cost and low maintenance fence line solution.

geotextiles and stone walls 
i have been advised to use geotextiles to keep weeds from growing through a rebuilt stone wall, but don't see any information on this on your site. please …

Help create a mountain stone border garden 
We would like to create a border garden that will be viewed from the front door all the way through our home. I want the area in front of the woods to …

badly constructed wall 
Hi we had a contractor terrace our yard and put in a dry stack wall. He used stone dust as a base and also as the drainage behind it. He used regular …

Landscaping a sloped piece of land 
I have two areas, behind the garage and at the end of the driveway that are sloped very deeply. Any ideas on how to landscape them without building a …

hillside drainge 
We purchased an older home and uncovered beautiful stairs behind the house on a steep hillside with a low stone retaining wall at the bottom. The landscaping …

Backyard abuts a farm 
What can be done to separate my backyard from an adjacent farm other than a fence. I enjoy the view of the farm however I would like some type of ornamental …

Dry stacked stone wall 
Can a 4 foot tall dry stacked stone wall be used as the base for a 2 foot dry stacked stone extension? In other words can I extend the stone wall another …

Using decorative rocks 
I am installing decorative rocks between two houses, what do I need to do to prepare the area?

Too Much Lawn Dressing! Not rated yet
A landscaper apply a quality lawn dressing to my yard and it is way too thick. I think I have lost yard completely. The St Augustine has been in my San …

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