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Welcome to Advertise with us at We are fast becoming the homeowners most relied upon online educational resource for do-it-yourselfer landscapers. We are approaching our 4th anniversary and have lots of new things coming to the site this year including a video tips series.

From 2014 to 2015 our growth rate has been close to 30%. We are looking to improve that rate over the next year to 50%. Our site will be taking on a much bigger role, without losing the Ma and Pa identity that people love about us.  

New! Seasonal Special for 2015-16

Based on the seasonal trends as seen in the graph below, we are currently running a special for those looking to capitalize on the busy season.

These seasons may vary for your region, so we are offering 2 months free with a 6 month advertising block. The 2 free months can be added to any month that may further increase the value of your product or service.

For example:

If your product is lawn fertilizer, you may wish to add one of these months at the beginning for spring fertilizing, and the other one later in the season for fall applications.

Dream Yard also collaborates with another industry related website that has comparable traffic statistics. For those of you looking to double your exposure, we can offer a package deal for both sites.

The combined exposure through these 2 sites will range between 6000 to 7000 unique visitors per day through the busy season and over 11,000 page views per day.

Dream Yard is a valuable site for landscaping sponsorship and advertising by delivering high quality traffic your way that is ready and willing to spend money on their property.

In less than 4 years, we now receive more than 40,000 thousand unique visits each month, from over 120 countries.

From just 300 page views in our first month (April 2011) to nearly 1,000,000 page views a year, we are increasing traffic at a steady rate.    

At, visitors find extensive How-to Modules right at their fingertips, including helpful references, videos and an inspirational project Photo Gallery of Landscaping Ideas.

Dream Yard has also been increasing growth through social networking avenues like Pinterest where we currently have nearly 200,000 followers finding inspiration for their dream yards. We are currently working on Twitter and Facebook to develop similar followings. offers unique information for our visitors. Unlike other how-to sites that operate on a short check-list system sending readers out to do further research, we do the research and bring the information to our homeowners.

Our information is available to everyone. There is no requirement to become a member or sign up to view any of our educational resources. For this reason, our repeat visitor traffic is high. Sharing options and comments sections allow our visitors to create their very own pages and show-case their projects.

The benefit to you as an advertiser is the quality of the traffic viewing your ads. Our traffic comes from home owners that are actively looking to spend money around their home. This makes Dream Yard one of the best sites for advertising in the landscaping industry.

Our site is organized into four main categories:

  • How-to Modules
  • Landscaping Ideas Photo Gallery
  • Landscaping Articles
  • Product Profiles

Each category generates their own targeted traffic at specific stages of a homeowner projects. You can choose what style of sponsorship best suites you and your budget.

At you have different advertising options.

Sponsorship of a How-to Module
Module sponsorship includes banner across the top of each section of a project module. Project modules are specifically targeted to information that directly relates to the how-to-process of each particular project. Modules range in size from 6 to 10 pages or more.

Marketplace for Homeowners
These ads that can be found on each page of the Landscaping Ideas Photo Gallery and How-to Modules in the Right hand column. This is a great value for landscape advertising.

This sponsorship option provides exposure on over 150 pages of the website. The Landscaping Ideas Photo Gallery has some of our highest traffic pages. Thumbnail sized ads (125x125) or text link ads

Full Page
Create your own full page with photos, logos and write-ups of your choice. We will include links to this page from our high traffic pages that are relevant to your product or service. Note this page will indicate that it is a sponsored page or advertisement. 

Customized Options
We would be happy to have a conversation with you about customizing sponsorship to meet your needs. Please use the advertising contact form below to contact us and discuss what options are available to you.

Please note: will only post sponsorship and advertising that is relevant and useful for our readers.

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