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At Dream-yard, we strive to bring valuable information to the site for all our visitors.

Our landscaping articles are listed in two categories: General Knowledge, geared towards home owners but useful for everyone; and Business Articles for those in the industry who enjoy using our site for educational purposes.

The general knowledge articles often deal with landscape design and planning. Our effort is to give you free landscaping tips that will save you time and money. You can use the articles to plan, then visit our photo section for some free landscape design ideas for your yard.

For example, we have an article on backyard landscaping as well as a photo gallery section on this subject to give you free backyard landscaping ideas.

We hope you find the pictures and articles a useful combination in designing and building your own dream yard. Don't forget to visit our how-to modules if your are doing the work yourself. Remember to check back in, as we are adding new content frequently. Thanks for stopping by.

The Dream-yard Team.

General Knowledge Articles

  • Landscaping Planning
    Landscaping planning is essential for do-it-yourselfers. Before you proceed with a landscape design on paper, you should first read these valuable DIY landscape tips. Landscape design starts with landscaping planning when you walk a property, “thinking like a landscaper”. 
  • Landscaping a Slope
    Landscaping a slope may not be as difficult or awkward as you think. I have often heard people say “I have this terrible slope in my yard and I don't know what to do?” Many people don't realize that landscaping a slope, is a natural opportunity to turn a plain yard into something extraordinary. 
  • Back Yard Landscaping
    So you need to do some back yard landscaping? In this article we will be dealing with some basics about backyard landscape design. After, you can visit our picture ideas section for some free backyard landscaping ideas, or our diy section.
  •  Estimating Landscaping Materials Series
    Estimating materials can often be a difficult task even for experienced landscapers. We will be showing you what happens at a landscape supply yard, a sod farm, a nursery, and a soil supplier. This will help you to understand where the products come from, how they are bought, shipped, grown, cared for, and eventually delivered or sold to you
  •  Garden designing
    Garden designing is an article that takes you through the steps of design  before you put the plants in the ground. It covers some basic design principles to get you started in the right direction.
  • Landscape edging ideas
    Landscape edging ideas looks at the importance of "Framing" the features in your yard. We also cover types of edging materials and where you can get the best ideas for your yard.

Landscaping Business Articles:
"The Business Bloom"

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