B. Stepping Stone Path Tools

You probably have the stepping stone path tools you need in your garage or shed already.

If you have to purchase any landscaping tools they usually end up being an investment that will be used many times.

Here is a list of tools you should have to build a stone garden path.

First things first. Protect yourself with the basics.

Gloves (high dexterity gloves are best), steel toe boots, safety glasses, knee pads, and long pants.

Your health is far too important to take any chances, being injured working on a fun family project.

  • Brush - A small brush for sweeping off stone surfaces.
  • Level - One or two feet, depending on the size of your stones.
  • Pick-axe - These are very handy to have in a rocky yard.
  • Rake - A good bow rake, and a leaf rake for cleaning up a lawn when you are done.
  • Rubber mallet (Deadblow hammer)- for setting the stones.
  • Shovels - Try to have a few. We recommend a square nosed shovel and a good digging spade.
  • Tamper - A good hand tamper to pack in the dirt subsoil under your sand or crushed rock base.
  • Wheelbarrow - If you have one, great. If not, get one with a rubber tub and a good rubber inflatable tire. (It's worth the money over a cheap one.)

This list should give you the basics for building stepping stone paths without investing a lot of money.

Check out the Tool Shed if you are unsure about what a tool is, or you can also stock up your shed by purchasing what you need from here.

Grab your tools and let's move onto Selecting and Estimating Stepping Stone Path Materials.


Table of Contents: Stepping Stone Path

Introduction: Stepping Stone Path

A. Stepping Stone Path Site

B. Stepping Stone Path Tools

C. Stepping Stone Path Materials

D. Stepping Stone Path Site Preparation

E. Laying Stepping Stones

F. Stepping Stone Path Completion


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