F. Stepping Stone Path Completion

Stepping stone path completion is where we quickly go over cleaning up the site. Part of the clean up process is dealing with left over materials.

If you have a few extra stepping stones I would suggest keeping them handy in your yard in case you need to replace a cracked one.

Extra stones can be used in garden beds to stand or kneel on when planting or weeding.

Make sure you thoroughly rake up any left over debris from your lawn. You don't want to cut your feet from the sharp edges of leftover stone.

A good thorough raking will also help prevent lawn mower blade damage, and damage to your property from pieces being thrown out from the blades.

Maintaining stone garden walkways is an easy task when the height of the stone is set right at the lawn level. All you have to do is mow right over the stones.

Congratulations on completing your stepping stone path. You have just improved the appearance of your yard, and added value to your property.

Stepping stone walkways and paths are relatively cheap garden ideas that are easy to install.

They make for great weekend do-it-yourself backyard landscaping projects.

We hope you pass along your experience to anyone that is looking to add one of these features to their property.

I really hope you found this information useful. If you did please feel free to tell us about it and don't forget to send pictures.

If there is anything you feel we can improve on please let us know that as well. We can only improve with your feedback.

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The Dream-yard Team


Table of Contents: Stepping Stone Path

Introduction: Stepping Stone Path

A. Stepping Stone Path Site

B. Stepping Stone Path Tools

C. Stepping Stone Path Materials

D. Stepping Stone Path Site Preparation

E. Laying Stepping Stones

F. Stepping Stone Path Completion


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