Backyard abuts a farm

by Bernadine
(Lynwood Illinois USA)

What can be done to separate my backyard from an adjacent farm other than a fence. I enjoy the view of the farm however I would like some type of ornamental border that would still allow a view of the farm field.

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May 18, 2013
Fence ideas
by: Dream yard team

Hi Bernadine. Thanks for the question.

There are so many possibilities without building an actual "Fence" structure. It sounds like you would like to have a "Living fence", border, or perhaps a combination of the two?

A simple split rail fence will keep with the natural theme of the field.

Something like this will really depend on your individual taste and what purpose it will serve. It can be a little difficult making suggestions without actually seeing the yard.

Since you are looking for ideas I will give you a link for some pictures ideas at the bottom. Hopefully you can find something that you like.

Before you start your search I have a few questions. These may not all apply to you, but these are the things I would consider before offering advice on specific ideas.

Do you need to block wind?

Provide a little more privacy or shade?

Do you need a barrier for pets or farm animals?

Will you be able to provide adequate water for trees, hedges, or shrubs to get them established? (How far back from the house will it be?)

How much time are you prepared to give maintaining your border?

Do you want flowers and color for summer only?

Evergreens and hedges will give you a year round border and can be spaced to still allow a view.

You can also consider layering what you plant to give it more depth.

One more thing I ask clients when visiting a yard is how long they plan on living there, and how fast they would like things to grow. This also makes a difference in what I would choose to plant.

These are just a few thoughts that come to mind.

Perhaps you could attach a photo?

Here is a link to our pinterest ideas board for fence ideas.

Best of luck with your yard.

Dream yard team

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