Using decorative rocks

by James
(Toronto, Canada)

I am installing decorative rocks between two houses, what do I need to do to prepare the area?

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Nov 23, 2012
Preparing for decorative rock
by: Dream Yard team

A landscape fabric should be used under your decorative rock. This will act as a good weed barrier.

Polypropylene woven fabric is available at most landscape supply yards. This will usually be a better quality that you will find in the retail stores.

If you are going to be planting any trees, shrubs, or perennials, you should consider using a filter cloth directly around where the plants will be. This will allow needed moisture and sunlight to penetrate into the soil.

We also recommend using some type of edging to contain the rocks. Don't forget to plan for proper drainage as well. Remember that plastic edging can hold in the water, and you may have to poke some holes to let the water run out.

Dream-Yard has a how-to modules specifically for using edging and decorative rock. There are tons of tips to help you with a project like this.

We also have a mini-module with some great information on working with landscape fabric.

Best of luck with your project.

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