Dog Urine Grass Problems

Dog urine grass burns are one of the biggest lawn problems facing home owners today. We love our dogs, but the urine does burn the grass creating yellow patches all over our yards. Dog Rocks can't repair damage already done, but it can help you eliminate further dog grass issues. Burnt grass can now be controlled thanks to products like Dog Rocks.

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Safe, Natural and Environmentally Friendly!

The Greener Way To:

“Keep Your Lawn Free From Dog Burning Pee!”

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Dog Rocks are a new and exciting product from Australia used to help prevent those nasty burn patches appearing on your lawn when your dog takes a pee.

Dog Rocks are a natural paramagnetic igneous rock mined in Australia. This particular rock has never been found anywhere else. Locals in the area have been using the rocks to prevent dog urine burns on their grass for years.

When Dog Rocks are immersed in water, in this case your dog’s drinking water bowl, the paramagnetism creates a magnetic field within the water and the rocks act as filters causing less nitrates, ammonia and other elements to be absorbed into his system.

When this occurs less destructive elements are coming out in the dogs urine. In turn, you do not get the burned yellow patches on your lawn.

Nitrates will still be in the urine from your dog’s diet (they are a normal by-product of protein metabolism) but with less passing out of the dog’s system you grass will not be burned.

It can be compared to burning your lawn by using too strong a concentration of fertilizer and just using the right amount to get a healthy green lawn. Dog Rocks also contain traces of Zeolite. Zeolite is often used by Aquariums to filter out ammonia and nitrates this compliments the paramagnetic effects of the rocks.

Dog Rocks are a completely safe, natural and environmentally friendly product that does not alter the body chemistry of your dog. Other products on the market work by changing your dog’s pH balance. This is both unnatural and potentially harmful. Dog Rocks have been tested by Laboratories and Veterinarians and have been found to be safe.

They also give your dog a cleaner source of drinking water. Without the impurities in the water Dog Rocks actually help to fertilize your grass. This is great for you, your dog and your lawn!

Dog Rocks are simple to use. You just place them in your dog’s drinking water bowl. You will notice a difference in your lawn after a week or two, although it will take about five weeks to reach maximum effect.

Please note that if your dog is drinking water from other sources the effect will be diluted, so more than one source of Dog Rocks may be needed.

Dog Rocks do not repair dead patches in your lawn they are used to prevent new urine burns only. With year round continued use, including right through the winter so you don’t get those nasty brown areas when the snow and ice melt, Dog Rocks will help you maintain a beautiful lush green lawn. They are ‘The Greener Way To Keep Your Grass Green’.

Dog Rocks are successfully sold throughout Europe, Australia and South Africa. Pet Pals Distributors – Canada Ltd are proud to bring them to the Canadian Market.

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